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Original Apple Charger for MacBook (USB-C)

Original Apple Charger for MacBook (USB-C)

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Use the original Apple USB-C charger to charge your MacBook (Pro/Air). You can also use the cable to charge and synchronize your Apple device (iphone/ipad) via your Mac computer. The Apple USB-C to USB-C cable is available in 1 meter or 2 meters cable length. Pay attention to which connection point your MacBook has. In doubt, contact us to get adviced.

The following Apple USB-C chargers for MacBook can be purchased:
– USB-C 30 Watt adapter + USB-C charging/data cable (1m/2m)
– USB-C 61 Watt adapter + USB-C charging/data cable (1m/2m)
– USB-C 87 Watt adapter + USB-C charging/data cable (1m/2m)
– USB-C 96 Watt adapter + USB-C charging/data cable (1m/2m)

We offer the original Apple USB-C to USB-C cables (1 meter/2 meters) and original Apple USB-C adapters separately as well. Click the article to get directed.

This article includes 21% VAT. In order to minimise the use of plastic and carton, we deliver the articles without unnecessary packaging.

Do you have any questions regarding the original Apple USB-C charger for MacBook (Pro/Air) or any other article? Please feel free to contact us via the contact page!

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✓ 24 months of warranty

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