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How does the mysterious iPhone battery work?

Maybe the most important thing to pay attention to before you buy a refurbished iPhone: what battery percentage can you expect? If you have had an iPhone in the past, you probably already know that you can find a percentage via: settings >> battery >> battery condition. Check it out – is it above 80%? Good, your battery is still delivering optimal performance!

A battery percentage between 80% and 100%

But is 86% just as good as 100%? In theory, 86% would mean that the optimal capacity has decreased. Because, when we would look at it literally, 86% would have become the new 100% (still following me?). But nothing is further from the truth. Let me explain why. Apple guarantees that the iPhone battery is delivering optimal performance between 80% and 100%. How? By desiging a battery that has overcapacity. So a new battery (which says 100%) is not using its full capacity, and when the battery says 85% it is using more capacity in order to get the same optimal performance as at 100%.

One little side note, throughout the years the iPhone battery has been improving with each generation. The time the battery lasts is longer for an iPhone 12 than it is, for example, for an iPhone 8. At iApples.nl we are transparant and inform you about the battery duration of each model. In order to get to know the duration for a specific model, click the link in the discription to be directed to the full specifications on the official Apple website.

What battery percentage can I expect from iApples.nl?

Alright, now you have a better understanding of what the battery percentage represent, we’ll proceed to tell you what you can expect from the battery percentage of a refurbished iPhone purchased at iApples.nl. We guarantee a minimal percentage of 85%. This means that the battery has the same performance as a new iPhone, and will remain to deliver that optimal performance in the foreseeable future.

Unfortunately, batteries decrease in performance over time, but don’t worry, because for a fair price we can replace the old battery for a new one. Battery replacement costs differ based on generation. But you don’t have to worry about that for a while after purchasing your iPhone at iApples.nl.

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