In 2020 it started as a hobby for Joost Spijkers. He bought a mobile phone via Marktplaats and with some minor adjustments, beautiful photos and a good story he was able to make a new owner happy. He traveled all over the Netherlands with his then 'free' public transport students in order to have enough left over to start a business.


When the pandemic was in full swing, Joost was faced with a choice. The catering industry, where he worked before, collapsed. He took a gamble and started his own webshop, with a pick-up location, in Amsterdam. The webshop gave him a bigger stage to make more customers happy with refurbished iPhones. Later in the year he will also add iPads to the range. A market analysis told him that there was little confidence in refurbished. While circular use should be the future!


Confidence in refurbished had to be built. A strong brand name that refers to what is sold, transparent communication about what is sold and an emphasis on customer experiences. iApples is more than just a refurbished Apple seller. It is the company that you can rely on and that will always assist you. Only in this way can iApples emphasize sustainability. Only when confidence in both product and service is clear. What further stimulates circular use is using original accessories. Counterfeiting has caused complications several times in the past. iApples adds original Apple accessories and MacBooks to its range.


The orders are filling up quickly. In 2023, a lot of work will be done on automation. For example, iApples entered into a partnership with Eazyfulfil, which handles all warehouse services. Of course we want as many people as possible to know about refurbished, so Social Spread helps with the marketing. And perhaps the most important development, iApples is joining forces with wholesaler Refreshed Apples. The wholesaler started by Emke Snoep, with a very similar story to Joost's. Together, Emke and Joost are working hard towards refurbished.


In 2024, iApples will expand the range even further. We will also make it easier to return a used device. The lower the threshold, the more devices we can collect to increase our impact. But of course we don't want to reveal everything yet. Stay tuned!

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