Are you scared that you've lost precious data, photos/videos or important documents? From experience we can tell you that data (in most cases) is never truly lost. Do you have a phone, laptop or other electronic device that is defect or barely working? We'll know what to do with it. Discover here how we can help you recover data.

Which devices?

Data recovery via iApples is not just limited to apple devices. In fact, data recovery can be performed for just about any device that has a hard drive. Whether you have a Samsung phone, an HP computer or something else, we'll be here to assist you!

How does it work?

It all starts with a diagnosis. What do we expect that we can recover from the 'lost' data and what would you like to recover specifically? These are some of the questions that are being answered in the first stage of the recovery. The second stage is the recovery itself. We reunite you with your lost data.

How long does a data recovery take?

That depends (mainly) upon two factors. How easy is it to recover the data and which priority do you give the recovery? Reaching out to us via the chat or the contact form below gets you started right away. We can have a look at what needs to be done today!

Do you want to request a diagnosis?

Contact us via the chat or the contact page and we'll be assisting you!

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