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What the #*@^ is refurbished? We will tell you here!

Let’s define what it means

What is refurbished? These days there are quite some different meanings attached to this word ‘refurbished’. And new definitions will keep appearing as the refurbished industry grows bigger by the day. Apple iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, you name it – you can find merely all electronics in refurbished condition. Perhaps it’s better to bring up its synonym, being ‘revised’.

Revised means: 1) review 2) to make new 3) recondition 4) to clean up 5) refine

If you already have some idea of what refurbished is, then you might also think about it in a negative way. And we don’t blame you. Because in most cases, you’ll find refurbished devices repaired with parts of very low quality. Just to save a few bucks and increase the profit. Well there’s a new sheriff in (refurbished) town, being iApples.nl. And we say: no more. We only make use of high quality parts, to provide you with a device that you can rely on.

But, we only repair when needed. More often than not the devices we receive from trade-ins are cosmetically still in great condition. Then we revise only on the functionalities of the device.

What are the advantages?

Now you have a (better) idea of what refurbished is, we will proceed to telling you how you can benefit from purchasing it. Once you experience refurbished, trust us, you’ll never want ‘unrefurbished’ again.
Firstly, choosing refurbished saves you money. A lot of money. It can save you up to 80% of the adviced selling price. That’s eight, zero. You read that correctly.
Secondly, you’ll be considering the environment. Did you know that producing a smartphone costs about 12.760 liters of water. That’s enough to provide 6000 people with their daily need. Cheers!
Thirdly, a refurbished (iPhone, iPad, MacBook) is at least as reliable as a new one. At least? That’s right. Because in the past refurbished devices have already proven to be reliable. A new device still has to prove that.

Still not convinced about refurbished? We don’t give 28 days reflection period and 2 years of warranty for nothing. We believe in the good quality we provide and guarantee that it will exceed your expectations.

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