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What is included in the warranty at iApples.nl?

Excellent question. One that we get frequently. And rightfully so, you're spending quite the amount for Apple products. In this blog we take a more detailed look at our warranty policy. No worries, this will take no longer than 2 minutes of your precious time.

But first, for how long does your warranty last?

For every purchase we offer 2 years of warranty. Regardless whether it's a charging cable or an Apple device. Unless stated otherwise, you can trust us for delivering your products either in new or in as-good-as-new condition. We score an average of 9.8 for both quality and service. These are all confirmed reviews via our 'ValuedShops' quality label. So our customers support the quality we provide.

What is included in the warranty?

Technology can be difficult at times. We can't explain in a few words the complexity of (for instance) an iPhone. There is always a potential risk that something happens outside of your control while using your device or accesory.

At iApples.nl we cover that risk for you. We offer warranty on all functionalities. Whether it's one of your cameras, a volume button or a problem with the software, it's all included within the warranty.

Now there are also situations where you're not covered by our warranty. For instance when you drop your device, when it has been repaired by third parties or when there are signs of water (or other liquid) damage within the device.

And the battery of my Apple device?

We already dedicated an entire blog about the battery of an iPhone. This is the only apple device where you can see the battery health via the settings. You can read the ins and outs of the battery health here.

We guarantee a minimum battery percentage of 85% for every Apple device (that includes all other devices than the iPhone as well). We always try to provide a higher percentage. A battery will lose performance over time, unfortunately that's a fact. Potentially you will start noticing this after using your device for a while. This is not a functional limitation, that's why we can't always include a battery replacement in the warranty. If you really get the feeling that the battery is not working accordingly, we will replace the battery for you within the warranty. We will discuss what we can do and assess each situation seperately.

To finalize, you shouldn't worry. We delivery excellent quality and in addition you're covered by our warranty policy for two whole years.

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