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Where do the Apple devices of iApples.nl come from?

We get this question regularly. And rightly so, because since they are valuable goods, you naturally want to make sure that it has an honest origin. In this blog we take a closer look at which two sources we have for obtaining our pre-owned Apple devices and accessories.

iApples.nl has two main sources

1) Suppliers
As a consumer you will be asked by Apple to hand in your old iPhone/iPad when you buy a new one. Apple itself hardly sells used devices to consumers and prefers to sell them in large numbers to the largest distributors. These distributors will in turn pass it on to smaller ones, until it eventually ends up with us.

In short, it looks like this:
Apple --> Large Distributor --> Small Distributor --> iApples.nl --> End User

We can buy our new Apple accessories in bulk, so we get an attractive price from our supplier. We offer our accessories without the use of outer cartons and thus the packaging process is skipped. This saves costs (and is more sustainable) and ensures that we can get a better price than other sellers.

2) Buy-Back
If you're wondering how there is such a big difference between what you get from Apple for your device and what you would get back from us, it's because you skip a number of stations when you're selling to us directly. As a result, you will receive a more attractive price!

The buy-back initiative is the second source for our devices. After refurbishing (for example) an iPhone, we take the responsibility to find a new owner. Including a complete accessory pack and a two-year warranty, the device will then come to you.

Curious about what we offer? Then please feel free to take a look at our shop.

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